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7 top tips that will boost your email etiquette

How many times have you received an email and either ignored it or deleted it? Our tips on email etiquette will make sure the person you’re emailing takes notice of what you’re saying.

Email etiquette is one of those much-overlooked skills that have a lot more impact on business relationships than people realise.

But then, in general, manners and politeness are like that, aren’t they? You never really notice them until they’re not there.

With email it couldn’t be …

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Everything you need to know about Valentine's Day to amaze your date

Valentine’s day may be roses and dinner dates today, but how did it all begin and how has it changed?
You all did see that on the Lupercal

I thrice presented him a kingly crown,

Which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition?

Yet Brutus says he was ambitious,

And, sure, he is an honorable man.
That was Marc Antony’s great speech in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Legend has it that Romulus and Remus were the abandoned twin sons of Mars, …

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Why Waitangi Day matters (and conflict is OK)

Protests and political bunfights at Waitangi are nothing new. They have helped shape our nation and should be celebrated, not demonised.

Monday 6th February is an important day. Not only is it Bob Marley’s birthday, but it is New Zealand’s national holiday.

Waitangi Day marks the day The Treaty of Waitangi was …

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The Truth is Out There Somewhere: ‘International Darwin Day’

Charles Darwin survives as a special day, celebrated every year. The vision is to promote international cooperation for the advancement of science, education, and human well-being, as well as celebrate intellectual bravery.

As an Australian, you could be forgiven for thinking Darwin Day has something to do with the Northern Territory’s capital. Instead, it’s a celebration of the man, Charles Robert Darwin that takes place annually on 12th February. Of course Darwin was …

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Social Media, Students and the Danger of the Echo Chamber

The first in a series of five blogs that will discuss issues of education – particularly understanding modern learners and how they learn; technology; meme culture and slang, plus the day-to-day experience of our dedicated teachers.

One of the biggest achievements a student can have is the ability of critical thinking. As teachers, we talk a lot about developing critical thinking or ‘higher-order’ thinking, as described by university textbooks. But actually making it part …

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5 powerful writing fundamentals and travelling with a toddler

The keys to a smooth overseas trip with a toddler are a lot like those for tackling a writing project, according to Kendall Richmond.

As I boarded an international flight with my one-year-old, I knew it would be different from our first overseas trip together. For one thing, my son was no longer an infant who was content to sit and play in my lap. He was now an enthusiastic walker and climber, always in motion. Plus, this time I didn’t have a pair of extra hands.

But I decided …

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What makes an Aussie true blue on Australia Day?

Every Australia Day, debate rages about ‘what makes a true Aussie?’ From the beaches to the outback, what makes us ‘true blue’ Aussies?


It’s not about your place of birth, as most of us were originally ‘ring-ins’ anyway. Being an Aussie is all about your heart. How big your heart is when a mate is in need. How your …

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7 really bad habits you should drop in 2017

We are truly creatures of habit, but some of these habits slow us down and follow us from year-to-year like lost children. Find out which ones to drop this year to max out your ’17.

So that’s it. The tinsel’s down, the ham’s all eaten and the NYE fireworks are little more than a retinal burn in your memory. It’s time to roll your sleeves up and get stuck into this crisp new year.

However, as you start the new year, there’s always a risk of keeping old habits that …

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5 creative short courses to help you get re-inspired

Feeling a little worn out? There are numerous ways to recharge your batteries. Here are a few courses you could complete to get your creative juices flowing.


Sometimes, it helps to have a little light at the end of the tunnel – maybe the creative short course you’ve always wanted to do? With the resurgence of cottage industries and creative hobbies, the sky’s the limit in terms of learning something new. We’ve gathered five ideas to get you …

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Fun Facts About the History of New Years

At least 2016 didn’t sneak a few extra days in.


As the year draws to a close and the usual New Year’s events and messages cover all that we see, let’s take a slight detour from the current trend of looking into the future and look far into the past; at the history of the cultures and inconsistent calendars that have brought us to the current way of celebrating this passage of time.
Early New Years
Before people got serious about calendars, the …

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The ABCs of design you need to know

Design – it’s a skill more and more of us need some familiarity with as part of our work. Here’s how to get started with the basics.


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How to get the best robot on your Christmas list

It was grey-blue, a bit shiny and about the size of a small doll. Robbie the Robot was my brother’s Christmas present. I loved it at first sight. It made noises and when you wound it up, it would ‘walk’ – more like a ‘jerky slide’, really.


Since that day, half a century ago, I’ve loved robots and have dreamed of having at least one in my life. So this year, I’ve backed a Kickstarter project and bought two robots for Christmas. I’ve (ostensibly) bought one …

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5 things successful writers do to focus and produce quality work

It’s easy to get caught up and forget to guard the time when we actually put words onto the page. So, what have other writers done to tackle this time conundrum? Here are some habits writers have tried and tested throughout the ages… they might just help you, too.
Keep regular hours
Carve out time for writing, and keep that time free as you might do for a hard-to-get specialist appointment. A useful way to help mark the start and end your work hours might be a …

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Reclaim time for you with an evening routine

“There is more to life than increasing its speed” – Gandhi


The time that remains after a long day at work can slip away awfully quickly.

For many of us, we’re often too exhausted to really choose what to do. Instead, we settle on the first and least challenging option that comes our way. That might be flicking on the TV, scrolling through social media feeds, or getting on top of emails. More screen time.

Perhaps, given a little more energy, we would choose …

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Learn how to get huge results using social media

Donald Trump’s recent ascent to the White House caused shock waves of disbelief around the world. Over in New Zealand, another unlikely aspiring politician also caused a stir — albeit on a much smaller scale – by placing third in the race to replace Len Brown as mayor of Auckland.

The politician in question is Chloe Swarbrick. If the name is unfamiliar, you may be curious about her background. Well, she’s not a seasoned local-body politician, a well-known businesswoman, or a …

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