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What you missed at F&P day two

The (infamous) 8.55am cattle bell rung in the final day of the annual F&P conference. Here are just a few of the day’s highlights.

Only 1 in 9 bequestors will actually tell you they’re leaving a gift in their Will to your charity. (Leah Eustace) 
The single most important indicator that someone will leave a gift in their Will? Childlessness.

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6 amazing takeouts from the charity sector's big day out

Didn’t make it to The Australasian Fundraising Conference (affectionately known as ‘F&P) this year? Not to worry. We were there and we’ve done the legwork. Even if you attended too, you’ve probably forgotten what you heard. Here are our Top 6 takeouts from Day 1. You’re welcome.

By all means test but don’t overdo it

Testing is a good thing but most tests are not very useful because they’re not done properly. Plus, …

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Here are 5 top tips you need to stay on deadline for winter productivity

Although spring has just arrived here in Australia, winter is coming for our friends in the northern hemisphere.
“I’d never get anything done if I worked from home”.

People say that to me a lot. And to be honest, it’s how I feel all too often. There are sooooo many other things I could be doing around here, instead of hitting my desk and tapping out a thousand words on the inner workings of superannuation.
And it’s never harder than in …

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5 simple steps for you to strengthen your writing muscles

It can be daunting. That blank screen glaring, the blinking cursor taunting you and a deadline looming. Returning to work as a writer after a break is a bit like getting back to the gym after an indulgent holiday. You may need a few extra minutes to get out of bed, but you know you’ll feel better once you’ve just done it.

So, whether you’ve been on a globetrotting getaway or taking time off for parental leave, here are a few pointers for sharpening your copywriting skills when you …

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Top 5 apps all social activists need

Smartphones are changing the way we do activism. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have given voice to the masses and a means to publicise messages quickly. But not all online tools are equal. Some social media sites are not safe for those living in fear for their lives or at risk of torture. Others are not available if you live in a country that restricts access to the internet and suppresses freedom of expression.

Here’s a list of some of the best tools to help you mobilise, organise …

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How to say what matters in a tone that people will remember 

Why tone of voice matters
The way something is said is described as the tone of voice. In content writing, it is a product of the words you choose and the structure of your sentences.

Tone of voice reflects personality and for organisations it is integral to their brand — just as much as their logo.
Tone of voice enables organisations to:

stand-out from their competitors
communicate their personality and values
attract and …

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3 amazing secrets the NZ All Blacks want to share with you

1. Teamwork
No team understands teamwork better than the All Blacks. They know success isn’t about personal glory – rather, it depends on people pulling together with the bigger picture in mind.

But, isn’t content writing a solitary craft? Well, it can be. However, whether you like it or not, as a content writer, you are still part of a team. At The Copy Collective, for example, writers work in partnership with account managers, proofreaders and graphic …

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Are you freelancing overseas? Here are some tips to be successful

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama 

Maybe you love travelling so much that those words are already scribbled on a post-it note above your desk, and the reason you’re freelancing is to fit work into your nomadic lifestyle. Or maybe international trips are required of you, whether you like them or not.

Whatever your reasons, freelancing overseas is more than just cocktails on the beach. Just ask anyone who’s spent hours lugging around …

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A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine

A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine. That saying is attributed to everyone, from French chemist Louis Pasteur to gastronome Brillat-Savarin to Californian winemaker Robert Mondavi.

When I’m staying with friends outside Goulburn the conversation focuses on sheep. While in Umbria, it’s olive oil. Here in Southwest France, it tends to be wine.

I once sat between two grand …

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With thanks, The Copy Collective Team

Thank you customer. You have been charming, friendly, clear in your brief, demanding, unreasonable, confused and ignorant.  Sometimes you are the good fairy of those things; sometimes the other and sometimes all in turn. Sometimes you pay your bills on time; most often you need a friendly reminder.

But, together, with the help of some amazing writers, editors, interviewers, transcribers, designers and project managers, we’ve produced great things.

We’ve progressed international trade, …

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N to Z of successful UX design for copy - Part 2

Remember that every element on a web page needs to be considered for copy that assists users. Forms, FAQs, drop downs – there is research on the words to use for all of them. We all want users to find our site, find what they want and engage with us. Every element needs to work.
You might want your cup to runneth over but …

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A to M of successful UX design for copy - Part 1

Who is the audience? Write for your primary audience. Ensure the design and copy are aimed at the same audience. Work with the designer to achieve this.

Do you want the user to feel that they’ve found the right website? If so, reflect them in the visual and textual elements of the site. Don’t write copy that needs most people to visit Urban Dictionary to understand it and then show …

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They don’t make wines the way they used to

Our south-west France based writer, Clare Wadsworth, shares her thoughts on wines and winemaking.


In his poem Wine and Water, G.K. Chesterton wrote: “And Noah he often said to his wife when he sat down to dine, ‘I don’t care where the water goes if it doesn’t get into the wine’.”


I called on my white wine …

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From biotech breakthroughs to a beautiful banknote

According to this rather fanciful map New Zealand leads the world in sheep and rugby. But there is much more

This may seem a little unfair for a country that was the first to give women the vote, scale Mt Everest and split the atom. Of course there is more to Middle Earth than All Blacks and woolly jumpers.

Scratch the surface and you’ll …

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5 apps you need to be a better freelance writer

To be a successful freelance writer, discipline is required. Lots of it. You must steer clear of everyday distractions and work as efficiently as possible. Thankfully, there are ‘squillions’ of apps available for freelancers. I highlight five of the best of them in this post.
1. Toggl
‘Time is money,’ as they say. So, manage it wisely. Toggl makes time management easy and it is suitable for most devices. Just type the name of your task into the …

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