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3 simple steps you need to build your blog audience

There is no doubt that blog writing done properly can be great for business. However, it’s pointless putting in the time and effort if you are bereft of readers. In this post, The Copy Collective’s Andrew Healey explains three simple steps for building your blog audience.
1. Know your audience
Blogging is an integral part of content marketing. And like any marketing, it pays to know whom you are marketing to.

The founder of Copyblogger, Brian Clark, says this …

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10 solid reasons why a growing business needs an office – & some big news for TCC HQ

There’s a certain irony to a small business wanting to create a more ‘officey’ environment. I mean, isn’t it most people’s dream to work from home? The idea of rolling out of bed straight onto the job (or perhaps not even leaving your bed) is just the best.

So why would having a physical office be so important to a growing business? Does it really make any difference? Can’t we all just work remotely?
Here are 10 solid reasons why a growing business needs an …

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I wish I'd said that; all you need to know about quotations

Top Tips For Quoting
Ingrid Bergman did not say: “Play it again, Sam.” Sherlock Holmes did not say: “Elementary, my dear Watson.” Nor did Marie-Antoinette say: “Let them eat cake.”

Bergman said: “Play it, Sam, for old times’ sake.” Holmes said: “Exactly, my dear Watson.” “Let them eat cake” first appears in Rousseau’s Confessions’, written when Marie-Antoinette was only nine-years-old and there is no record of her ever …

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Fighting for the right to write - World Press Freedom Day

Freedom of speech is something we tend to take for granted until it is taken from us.

When 12 people were gunned down at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris last year, shock and outrage rippled around the world. There was an outpouring of anger and messages of solidarity; ‘Je suis Charlie’ trended almost immediately on social media sites.

This brazen attack, aimed at silencing the satirical magazine, cut to the heart of what it means to live in a free and open society. Overnight …

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Happy Mothers Day!

A look inside life as a ‘Work from Home Mum’
Stay-at-home-working-mum (SAHWM), surely it’s some kind of bad joke, an oxymoron, even? If you have kids, you’ll know what I mean. You might think; how does work fit into the chaos of raising children?

Kids are messy, unpredictable and prone to getting sick, clingy or demanding – right when work is due. No-one is crazy enough to mix …

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From myths and legends to Star Wars

Myths and history references in a modern legend
The Force Awakens 

Storytelling is our business at The Copy Collective. Stories have fascinated humans since the days around the campfire. Compelling stories that shine a light on human …

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10 Common Kiwi Words That Will Confuse You

Can you speak Kiwi?
NewZild. World famous for the haka, hobbits and heroic halfbacks.

Visitors love our Lord of the Rings landscapes, limitless adrenaline adventures and laid-back locals. They don’t always love our laid-back lexicon.

Tourists get confused with the way we crazy Kiwis …

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Spring in France, where we all want to be

The days are longer and April showers are called the ‘giboulées’ of March here. They are followed by brilliant rainbows, symbolising God’s promise never to send another great flood, but it’s still cool enough for sweaters and a crackling log fire in the evenings.  The swimming pool is a dirty opaque green with the occasional pair of ducks paddling until the dogs spot them and run over barking. Water flows over the paths through the woods, which are ankle-deep in sticky black mud. …

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Launching a new look, following in New Zealand's footsteps

3 things businesses can learn from the NZ flag furore

A strong brand is easily recognisable, reflects the organisation well and evokes an immediate emotional response. For example, if I see a stylised black swoosh, I instantly think of Lycra and a long-forgotten gym pass, and suddenly get the urge to “Just do it”. But a good brand also needs to move with the times and keep up with your organisation as it changes and evolves.

If your logo is not doing any of these …

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Want to know what Easter in France is like?

Just as babies born at Christmas are called Noel, Easter babies are called Pascal. Pancakes are served here on February 2, Candlemas, not Shrove Tuesday. That is Mardi Gras, when the French eat doughnuts and waffles and there is a great carnival in Nice and parades of dressed-up children everywhere. In fact, carnival comes from the Latin ‘carnelevare’, which means ‘to take out the meat’.

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Daaamn Daniel, back at it again with those viral spams!

Viral videos
The internet is a place of communication, creativity, and cats. Not only does it allow you to talk to friends and family from across the globe, the internet acts as a limitless forum for users to share anything from their latest personal opinion, project or favorite video of a cat being terrified by a cucumber.

Watch the clip that started …

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13 ways to tell if you’re really an entrepreneur

A little whimsy from the inimitable Dominique Antarakis…

It’s not unusual for you to be working at 4am, midnight, and all hours in between – but you reserve the right to take most of Tuesday off to catch a movie or go to the beach.
You love going to industry conferences to network but spend half the time in your hotel room ‘catching up on work’.
It’s not ‘work’ if it’s checking …

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Tax Appeals and how to make them successful

I recently did a rough count and over the past 13 years I’ve written or overseen around 880 tax appeals. Here’s what I’ve learnt:

Story is everything

The best-performing tax appeals always feature the strongest case studies. So you should be on the lookout now for a compelling story that illustrates a clear need and the impact of donor support. Make sure you interview the case study in-depth to glean the kind of detail that really brings a story to life …

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3 happy hacks to boost your productivity this week

Productivity rules. Doing more with less is achievable when we are more productive. Here are 3 hacks that will get you on the productivity track.

Do what you love

The glee with which she approached the task was infectious. I’d given one of our uni student-casuals the job of creating Facebook memes for Mondays and Fridays. Little messages of hope or fun to encourage our followers at the beginning and end of the …

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An editor’s life in France; on less romantic days

An editor’s life
An editor’s life isn’t always romantic – even when you live in south-west France, as The Copy Collective’s editor, proof reader and dog lover Clare writes.

1700 Dry cleaner brings Issia for two weeks while they go to Benin.
 1900 Penny brings …

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