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How to be more productive with 7 killer apps

There are many apps that save time and aim to make you more productive. There are, literally, thousands of apps around. But you don’t want to be spending hours finding the programs that are the most useful. At The Copy Collective, we have tested seven tools to help you become more productive.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor aims to make your writing bold and clear. The program highlights text …

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10 Australian Idioms that Confuse the World

‘Straya, where the shorter your name the more someone loves ya, YouTube videos are always ‘not available in your country’, there’s a swimming pool named after a drowned prime minister and an episode of Peppa Pig was banned for …

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How to lead in the education sector as a communicator

A successful thought leader knows how to build a reputation and maintain a presence that provides them with the means to make their mark and reach a large audience. Such a leader who is an education communications professional also needs to be able to:

Walk a diplomatic tightrope
Please a range of committees
Push to get things done, and
Generate and distribute ground-breaking content

Content Marketing
Content marketing is all …

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How to boost productivity through communication using 7 key tips

A New Year, another chance to do things better. Jim Butcher offers 7 simple tips to improve your productivity through communication. This post is one in a series focusing on improving productivity using better communications, apps and tips and techniques.
1. Concentrate
Multitasking may work for some, but people don’t want your divided attention. If you want to improve your productivity, and too many things are going on, you’re likely to miss …

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7 steps to effective copywriting

Copywriting is a specific skill. It takes years of practice, and even then it’s not that easy. With so many things to think about – your audience, client, brief, and copy deliverables… you can appreciate that getting a fundraising appeal or call to action right is more than good luck.

For those starting out in the industry, the process may seem overwhelming.  Our CEO, Dominique Antarakis, writes about what it takes to produce great fundraising copy.
1.  The …

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Festive season customs in France: an editor's life

Oysters and more oysters – but no Christmas carols, crackers or cards. Napoleon secularised France. There are unsophisticated decorations in the streets and shop windows and a bowl of sweets or chocolates out for customers on most counters. Before we came to Gascony our Hong Kong Christmases were tinselly, turkeyed, commercial holidays. There were Brussel sprouts and the Queen’s Speech and the family rows that come with over-indulgence. Here it was cold and dark with an unforgettable, …

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How winning with social media could be your best present this Christmas

While it’s tempting at this time of year to switch off and focus on Christmas cheer, remember that the social media juggernaut never stops.

The festive period could be your time to build brand awareness, cultivate die-hard fans and hit the ground running in the New Year.

Think about it. All those folk flopped on the couch digesting turkey and mince pies. Presents are all open. The TV’s on – and there’s nothing much to watch.

What will people do? All those who aren’t in a food …

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Working remotely - 5 top tips on how to succeed

Working remotely has unique challenges, and for that you need unique solutions. Here are five things I’ve learned that make working from home successful and fulfilling.
1. A space to work
Virginia Woolf wrote about the importance of having “a room of one’s own” in which to write. The same is true for any person who works from home.

You don’t need a whole room, but a dedicated work space is essential.

My space is a 1sq m desk in the corner of my living room. I …

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How to be a better employer by learning from pirates

Ahoy me hearties

One-eyed Jack the pirate chief

Was a terrible, fearsome, ocean thief.

He wore a peg upon one leg,

He wore a hook, and a dirty look.

One-eyed Jack the pirate chief

Was a terrible ocean thief.

What thoughts does this anonymous poem evoke for you? Scary pirate stories? Olden days’ criminal activity? For me, it says: “Another person with disabilities at the top of his profession.”

He’s …

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Do you understand your creative business?

It’s easy to think that business and creativity sit at either end of the fiscal tennis court, whacking that money ball back and forth. And depending on what game’s being played will determine the winner.

If it’s a business game, creativity won’t stand a chance. If it’s a creative game, the functional business side will struggle to keep up.

It sounds all very left-brain right-brain stuff, doesn’t it?

But is it true? Are these two skill sets on such different teams? Can the …

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How to boost fundraising using clever copy for surprising results

Meet Jenni Anderson and Laura Golland, two rock stars in the NZ charity sector. These two tireless troupers spend their days juggling everything from donor communications to a broad range of fundraising endeavours. Wearing multiple hats they work to promote and fund the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand’s core services throughout the country. Together, they are spreading a life-saving message of stroke recognition and prevention with …

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My great-grandfather’s war diary

As we reflect on the contribution of the ANZAC’s, The Copy Collective’s star contributor and journalist, Melita Rowston, explores an intimate perspective of the war from her great-grandfather’s 

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7 Steps to Separate You from the Good-Gone-Bad

You wouldn’t want to be in the business of selling diesel cars following the Volkswagen scandal nor would you want to be a fundraiser raising money for prostate cancer or even for Yooralla, the Victorian disability provider.

What did Volkswagen do? Volkswagen has admitted that 11 million of its cars failed to meet certain emissions …

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How to boost business with 9 trendjacking tips

The internet is a random creature with the most unusual things gaining incredible traction across many platforms. Trying to force your message to go viral can often be a waste of time.

It may seem like the holy grail of internet marketing but going viral isn’t your only option. Attaching yourself to something already going viral can be more realistic, more practical and quicker.

Plus you don’t have to come up with the idea – you just latch on to what’s already trending.

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Romance in France; one editor's blissful life

At The Copy Collective, we have many dedicated, talented and hard-working copywriters and editors living and working around the globe. We love to hear from our people about their different daily circles. Editor Clare Wadsworth enjoys a very romantic life in the south-west of France.

Chestnuts, mushrooms and clementines at the greengrocer’s in Condom in South-West France – autumn has arrived and the vine leaves are turning the same colour as the local Armagnac; …

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