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Living the Dream: Creativity, Cuisine and the Cloud

September was a big month for travel here at The Copy Collective – a day in Melbourne, five days in Hong Kong, and we finished up the month with four of us heading to the US of A to attend Dreamforce.
For the uninitiated, Dreamforce is an annual 4-day conference (I say conference, but actually ‘extravaganza’ is closer to the mark) …

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5 Simple & Easy Lessons Rupert Taught Me About Business

You know, Rupert, I wanted to thank you for the lessons in business that you have provided to me this century. Without them, I wouldn’t be running a successful business today.

I had the privilege of working as a journalist at News Limited, now News Corporation Australia, in Sydney for 12 years finishing up in July 2012. I took my nice shiny redundancy cheque and bought 40 per cent of a copywriting agency. In the past three years, we’ve doubled the turnover and added 7 FTE …

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How to Win in Business in the Mysterious East

I lived in HK for a year in 2000 and loved it. It was a delight to head back for business after so long away. The city is as vibrant and fun as ever.

I find people in Hong Kong – locals and expats alike – are always ready to meet with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s to discuss a business deal or simply catch up with old friends and colleagues. The city is small and easy to navigate (even if you’re geographically challenged like me). It’s packed full of chi-chi hotel lobbies,

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Team Works: The Perils of not knowing what you didn’t know

As a cloud-based business, our distributed team only gets together twice a year. Cue the Gold Coast and our annual strategic planning conference! Peeps flew in from Perth, Sydney and Auckland and our facilitator joined us from Northern NSW.

For such a small team you might think we really know each other and what each of us does. And as experts in communication, I’d forgive you for thinking we’re good at… you know… talking. That’s what I thought! But I was wrong.

I learned so …

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Tax Tips For Budding Copywriters

Back in our parents’ day, working two jobs meant an around-the-clock commitment.

These days, it’s become a lot easier to juggle multiple engagements. You can have a day job in the office to guarantee a regular flow of income and do some small copywriting jobs on the side.

However, as easy as it might be now to juggle a full-time job and work as a copywriter in your spare time, you may not have considered the tax implications. This is a mistake that can leave you out of pocket by …

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How Top 10 Simple Apps Make the World Better

10 Top Apps for Fundraisers

You have a great cause – you are saving the world or a part of it. You have so much to do but little money. And because of these reasons you have no time to research apps that would make your life easier. We hear you!

So we’ve flexed our fingers and trawled the internet to find the top apps to make a fundraiser’s life that little bit easier. From rostering your teams, managing projects, collaborating with the group, reducing paper or tracking your email …

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Copywriting Fundamentals: How to write in Plain English

The plain English movement has a golden history that stretches back hundreds of years. All the way back to when Latin was the official language of education in England.

Literary giants Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare championed writing in language that could be understood by ordinary people. Robert Cawdrey took up the cause in 1604 when he compiled the first English language dictionary. He wrote in the Foreword:

“in pleine English wordes, gathered for the helpe of Ladies, …

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The romance of blogging

August, it seems, is the Month of Romance Awareness. The furthest it can get from February and Valentine’s Day, August is now the month of love. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but maybe it isn’t.
Either way should we be letting calendars dictate when we allow romance into our lives?

Jim Butcher – co-author and owner of the blog – writes about travel, food and lifestyle and is all about bringing …

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3 Common Campaign Mistakes… And How to Avoid them

You’ve already selected promotional channels (emails, blog posts, social media, fliers) and dreamed up creative concepts and colour palettes while downing a ‘chardy’ with your creative agency.

It may be tempting to throw the planners out the door, but there’s every chance you’ll be eroding the success of your campaign by skipping a few vital steps.

So here are three common mistakes when crafting a campaign plan and how to avoid them.

Mistake One: No goal. No …

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Things That Make You Go Hmm...

It was a hot sticky day in Sydney as I walked along the leafy suburban street with my first guide dog Jordie. I was wearing shorts and T-shirt, so I put my phone and keys in the little backpack she used to wear — it’s usually filled with plastic bags for when I go on poop patrol.

As I walked past an outdoor cafe my phone rang.

“Hey Jordie,” I said, “your phone’s ringing,” as I stopped to unzip the backpack and take the call.

I laughed out loud when I heard one of the latte sippers …

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Tips from a Freelance Parent

Balancing work with the demands of a young family – it’s the Holy Grail of modern parenthood. For a lot of people, me included, the answer seems to be freelancing. Flexible working hours, the ability to be present (if a little preoccupied) in your children’s day-to-day lives, the option to turn down work if you need to, or take more on as your family grows and changes, are all appealing. And I have to say, for the most part, it has proved a good option for me and my family.

But – you …

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5 Lessons For You About Going Viral

It was an evening like any other. I certainly wasn’t expecting to become a Facebook sensation. It was Tuesday, 19 May 2015 and I needed to change my bed. As usual, my greyhound Bruce was sound asleep on the bed and showed no signs of moving. It was such a common occurrence that I had developed a way to change the bottom sheet without kicking Bruce off.

Given his levels of resistance, it’s actually easier to work around him than it is to get him off the bed. A friend found our ‘slip …

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Top 10 TED Talks from TED2015

We have the technology for humans to colonise Mars. It’s possible to recreate an entire conversation using the data gleaned from the movement of a nearby chip packet. And Monica Lewinsky is back with a message to cyber bullies – your trolling claims lives.

TED Talks have achieved global fame (or notoriety, depending on your perspective) for packaging up big ideas into 18-minute presentations. If you like your information delivered concisely and by experts in their field, then you’re …

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New Zealand office open now

New Zealand office opens for The Copy Collective – a vibrant team of skilful copywriters commits to further New Zealand growth, writing copy that counts.

The Copy Collective is delighted to announce the expansion of its New Zealand copywriting services from 1 July, 2015.

To cater for the growing demand in New Zealand, The Copy Collective has invested in …

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7 copywriting tips from our CEO on our 7th Birthday

Copywriting is a very specific skill. It takes years of practice, and even then it’s not that easy. With so many things to think about – your audience, your client, your brief, your copy deliverables…

Especially for those just starting out in the industry, the whole process can seem difficult to get one’s head around. If you’re just starting out in the industry, the whole process can seem overwhelming.

But here’s the good news.

To celebrate The Copy Collective’s …

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