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Prepare Your Donor Garden for Spring

7 steps to a beautiful (donor) garden all year round

1. Clean up garden beds (donor database)
• Remove out-of-date contact info
• Make sure all donor info is accurate and names are spelled correctly
• Remove high-bounce email addresses from eDM database
• Review segmentation/categories for personalised campaigns

2. Apply fertiliser and mulch
• Replenish donors with some (appropriate) …

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3 reasons saying "Thank you" is more than just good manners

Donor care. Supporter relationship maintenance. Donor stewardship. Donor acknowledgement. They’re all long-winded phrases representing the same thing: Gratitude.
But sometimes we just don’t express it enough – either in direct response to a contribution or as part of an annual donor communication strategy.

There are many reasons we should spend more time thanking donors, but here’s the top …

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5 Tips For Creating Content To Make Your Website Win

It’s easy to get caught up with widgets and plugins, sliders and menu options when you’re developing your own website or blog. But is this the most important element to a successful dotcom?

If you’re not publishing your best material, all the online gizmos and gadgets in the world won’t make people come to your site.

Here are our top 5 tips for creating content to make your site win.
1. Who?
The golden rule of …

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Create accessible Word documents & improve SEO!

How to create awesome accessible Word documents
It should be no surprise that Microsoft Word remains the most widely used document creation platform.

The good news is since 2010 the accessibility features of Word have become more extensive and easier to use. So there’s really no reason why all documents can’t meet the accessibility standards.

The Copy Collective is a big fan of accessibility. We believe simple changes to copy can make a big difference for …

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Six easy steps for your Annual Report

You could be forgiven for thinking: “Surely it’s not that time of year again?! ”

If writing the Annual Report, Annual Review, Report to Donors or other yearly report is your bugbear then follow these top tips.

Get your ducks in a row

Make sure you know who is responsible for what area and create a spreadsheet with who needs to do what by when.

Lasso …

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Media releases: how to gain more exposure with every word

There’s a rumour floating around the internet that the media release is ‘dead’. That the digital age has killed it and there’s no point investing time and energy to write one anymore.
Breaking news:
Your Media release matters – just ask Google

The rumours aren’t true. There’s still a place for your media release in the digital age.

Content marketing, you might have heard of it (everywhere), is the big news for business and brands right now. Your media release …

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Sometimes, it pays to give

Andrea O’Driscoll on how there’s more to giving than just money

We finally moved to a bigger house last month – one where all three children don’t have to be crammed into one room with all their possessions. I love everything about it: bigger bedrooms, bigger garden, bigger kitchen, and a toy room for the kids. However, sadly, it also means bigger mortgage. A much bigger mortgage.

My husband sat me down with strict instructions to cut our monthly spending down to as …

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7 Tried-Tested Tax Appeal Tips to Boost your Results

Let’s face it, for most charities tax time is crunch time – it’s when the bulk of your donor dollars are likely to come in the door. It’s also the appeal you’re likely to spend the most time and energy on, so you want to make sure it gets results, right? Here are 7 things that have been tested over the years by the sector and have been shown to work. Try implementing them for your Tax Appeal this year.

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An ANZAC story: My great-grandfather’s war diary

As Anzac Commemorative Ceremonies for the Battle of Gallipoli are held throughout Australia in 2015, Melita Rowston (The Copy Collective contributor and journalist) explores an intimate perspective of the war from her great-grandfather’s recently discovered war diaries. A true ANZAC story.

My great-grandfather, Arthur Vaughan, a gifted pianist and graduate of the London College of Music, was one of only four young men left in the country town of Heathcote, …

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Get Google Ready: The Copy Collective can help

From this week Google will downgrade search results on mobile devices if web sites are not mobile friendly. Half your audience is on mobile – so you can’t afford to ignore this change.

You’ve got a super smart SEO strategy but is your website mobile ready or better yet, mobile optimised? If not, get in touch and we can help. Don’t lose your page 1 ranking due to dense, non-scannable copy that isn’t reframed for the mobile screen.

How can you tell if your website is …

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Interrobang: everything you need to know

The other day I was shocked to learn that one of my good friends did not know the meaning of …

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How to save the world

During Earth Hour this Saturday, Australians are encouraged to flick the switch between 8.30-9.30pm to send a clear message to the government that they want action on climate change. Designed to shine a light on global warming, Earth Hour’s message for 2015 is “I’m using my power.”

In the spirit of Earth Hour, Melita Rowston (one of our fabulous writers from The Copy Collective) caught up with

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Copywriting fundamentals: 10 buzzwords you need to know

One of the fantastic things about the Internet is the amount of new information and ideas there is to learn everyday. One of the downsides is the amount of new information and ideas there is to learn everyday.

If you want to keep up with the latest and greatest in digital copywriting, content marketing, and social media management, then here are 10 buzzwords you really need to know.
1.     Backlinks
Search engine optimisation is more than just keywords. …

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Drop the Stereotype this International Women's Day 2015

We asked our Creative Services Intern Rachel Innes what International Women’s Day means to her and she reflected on the negative stereotypes that surround being a woman today.

Today is International Women’s Day and it has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘woman’ and thus they stereotype and ascribe a meaning to it for themselves.

What does being a woman really mean?

I would imagine that if you …

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Selective about The Copy Collective

One of The Copy Collective’s contributors Monica Seeber smoothly navigates the world of freelance
copywriting and shares her top four reasons for loving it with The Copy Collective.

Once upon a time there was a young, ambitious copywriter. She sat in her home office and stared at the computer.

She said, “Monitor, monitor on my desk, of all the copywriters who is best?”

“Not you, my dear,” the monitor replied, “you have far too much admin on your …

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