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6 Things You Can Learn From Our Business

Growing a business isn’t easy. And it doesn’t happen overnight. CEO Dominique Antarakis (@dantarakis) and COO Maureen Shelley (@MaureenShelley) share the six things they’ve learned from growing their small business, The Copy Collective. From the people, the clients and the inspiring work – they’re privileged to do what they do… and they want to thank YOU …

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Up Close and Personal

In the final blog of the Accessibility Is Everywhere series, The Copy Collective contributor Monica Seeber gets up close and personal. She uncovers the reality of living with a disability and the part we can all play in improving accessibility for everyone.
When I left high school, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program, specialising in percussion. During high school, my most supportive teacher had been my percussion tutor, and I wanted to follow in their footsteps and corrupt …

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Ten Simple Steps to become a successful published author

You’ve finally written your masterpiece. You’ve done it. You’re an author… But how will people read it? Well, Red Raven Books can help. Maureen Shelley shares the final post in her Blog series “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author.”
Here’s the final steps of what you need to do:

1. Call The Copy Collective and a Red Raven Books’ editor will be assigned to collaborate on your manuscript.
Select how much you want to spend, what you want us to do and what you …

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The Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy

If you go to the Australian government’s website for the National Transition Strategy you will be greeted with pages of boring government-speak about:
“improved web services”
“the provision of information and services online”
“an important milestone for government”
and “whole-of-government”.

It’s very nice of the government to provide all this information but it is a lot to wade through. Luckily for you, I’ve already done it and …

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Tiny business helps Federal Government comply with its own policy

Federal Government departments are required to make their websites comply with standards that make them accessible to people with disabilities. Here we introduce our new e-Accessibility training videos Part 1 and Part 2… and it’s on us. …

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Accessibility Is Everywhere

Here at The Copy Collective, we’re big fans of accessibility – in the ‘real’ world and the virtual. In this three-part series, Perth-based contributor Monica (@thebigmeeow) will introduce you to the basics of e-accessibility and how you can make your content user-friendly for all abilities. Here we introduce our new e-Accessibility training videos 

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Five surefire tips for your Christmas Appeal

1. Find a great story
You help people (or animals, or the environment) every day, and you’ve got some great stories to share. Your Christmas appeal is the time to bring out your most heartwarming story of need. Children and families work well at this time of year, as do genuine stories that relate to Christmastime – for example, a child who will spend the day in hospital this year; a puppy who was abandoned but found his forever family on Christmas Day.

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Dreamforce 2014: Day 4

[View the story “Dreamforce 2014: Day 4” on Storify]

2014-10-24 05:12:00

Dreamforce 2014: Day 3

[View the story “Dreamforce 2014: Day 3” on Storify]

2014-10-24 04:58:00

Dreamforce 2014: Day 2

[View the story “Dreamforce 2014: Day 2” on Storify]

2014-10-23 20:31:00

Dreamforce 2014: Day 1

[View the story “Dreamforce 2014: Day 1” on Storify]

2014-10-17 03:42:00
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Marketing your book (Part 9)

You have written your book, it’s been published in print and you have 700 copies on a pallet in the garage plus you’ve just listed the book on Google Play, Amazon and in iBook’s. Now you are waiting for the sales and royalties to roll in – right? Ah, no – that’s not how it …

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Code Yellow

I responded to a Code Yellow folder emergency this morning.
As any parent of a NSW Year 11 student knows, exams start next week. This is the first time Year 11 results will appear on the HSC record, so …

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Reflections on the perilous task of traveling with children

As every parent knows, traveling with children has its delights and its obstacles. But as The Copy Collective contributor Ursula Dwyer discovers, it can be your fellow travelers – not your children – who make or break the experience.
Shrieking children on a long-haul flight seldom engender generosity of spirit in fellow travelers.

So with understandable resignation I dragged aboard my overtired two-year-old, who was screaming blue murder for no discernible …

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Selecting your publishing platform for your next book (Part 8)

You’re almost there! You’ve written the work, laid it out and now you need to get it out. But how? Maureen Shelley shares her research on publishing platforms in part 8 of Blog series “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author.”
Print, digital or POD?
Once, it used to be easy. You could print or you could go digital. Now, you can print, go digital, go a bit each way with short print runs and print on demand (POD). Do it yourself, contract it all out, contract …

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