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25 things I wish I’d known before I started blogging

Blogging can be more challenging than you realise – especially if you haven’t set yourself up right first. Mr Romance at The Copy Collective, Jim Butcher, dishes out some useful tips, tricks and trade secrets to guide you through the early stages of running a blog.

 Scrolling through glamorous photos of laptops and macarons on Instagram you could think that blogging was easy. What you don’t see in those …

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Let’s Get Technical: Preparing your digital file (Part 7)

Maureen Shelley turns technical in Part 7 of Blog series “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author”, on preparing your digital file.

The good news about digital files is that the eBook format takes care of all the extra formatting that is required in a print-ready manuscript. The bad news is that you have to take it all out: all those extra section breaks, footnotes etc. you put in for your print book – they all have to come out. This is …

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Let's Get Technical: Preparing Your Book’s Print File (Part 6)

Maureen Shelley turns technical in Part 6 of Blog series “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author”, on preparing your book’s print file.

The least pleasant part of writing a book is preparing the file for the printer or digital publication. I recommend you save yourself a whole lot of pain and angst and send the file to a professional typesetter to do the job for you.

If you have budgeted for nothing else, budget for a typesetter. Google typesetters in …

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Attitude Foundation launches with Graeme Innes as chair

Today marks the launch of Attitude Foundation Limited a pioneering storytelling initiative, which will change attitudes towards the 4 million + Australians with disability
“Disability is viewed by many in Australia in a limiting and negative way. What this foundation seeks to do is change this attitude. Changing attitudes will change lives.”
Graeme Innes, chair, Attitude Foundation Limited
 “I think documentaries are the greatest way to educate an entire …

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6 Writing Tips To Prepare A Masterpiece Manuscript For Your Next Book (Part 5)

Read on for six winning tips to prepare and draft your manuscript, in Part 5 of “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author” blog series by Maureen Shelley.
1.How many words are enough?
Authors often ask how long their book should be; and it is true that once 52,000 words was a de facto standard. However, these days with self-publishing the norm rather than the exception what ever you write that covers your topic comprehensively and cohesively will …

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Rest in Print: Survival of the fittest

From office printing to the rise of Managed Services, Rest in Print launches as an easy-to-read guide to help businesses reduce costs of their office printing. We speak to author Mitchell Filby, who draws on extensive industry experience as a global industry expert, keynote speaker and publisher to examine today’s office printing practices and current trends.

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What Does Software Testing and Customer Satisfaction Have in Common?

Michael Hamilton converts his finance and telecommunications experience into the launch of his first book IT Should Just Work – Customer Satisfaction and the value of Software Testing. Here we unpack his passion for working with businesses to deliver working outcomes for a positive customer experience.
Ever been in a position when you can’t access your internet banking for an entire 24 hour period?
Upon checking into your airline flight you find out the booking system …

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Author Photos: Putting Your Best Face Forward (Part 4)

“10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author” continues with the importance of the author’s photograph, by Maureen Shelley.
The author photo is the most important piece of your marketing material. We recommend that you use a professional photographer. A professional portrait will range from $150 to $400, depending on the photographer.

What you’ll need:

You should ask your photographer to …

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Book Cover Design and Editing: How to create a good-looking book that sells (Part 3)

Maureen Shelley continues with Part 3 of “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author” series, on crafting a cover as good as your content.
Although we say “don’t judge a book by its cover” everyone does. That makes the selection of the design for the cover of your book the most important decision you will make – apart from choosing the title.
Front cover design
Graphic Designer: You should definitely budget for a graphic artist to …

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Editing: The Art of Asking the Right Questions (Part 2)

Maureen Shelley continues with Part 2 of “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author” series, putting the spotlight on masterful editing.
An editor will proof read and undertake more substantive edits to a work. Proof reading involves checking for semantics, typographical errors and grammar.

In searching for grammatical errors, an editor will consider a range of issues; and here are just some.

Has the writer made the correct use of definitive …

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Proofreading: What's it all about? (Part 1)

The Copy Collective’s resident wordsmith Maureen Shelley begins her new blog series: “10 Simple Steps to becoming a successful published author.”

Today she unpacks the curious concept of proof reading.

What is proof reading anyway?
Proof reading is when a manuscript or other written work is submitted for checking of semantics, grammar and typographical errors.

This can be done by a proofreader or editor or, if …

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The Red Raven flies with “Hope in 60 Seconds”

Guest Blogger Graeme Innes gives a bird’s eye view from yesterday’s book launch of “Hope in 60 Seconds”, Red Raven Book’s first title in print.
Crows Nest is a great place from which to launch a new bird.  So Northside Community Church in Crows Nest, NSW provided an excellent launch-pad for Pastor Graham Agnew’s first book, Hope In 60 Seconds.

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Guilty by Association - Are you mindlessly sharing content you haven’t even read?

The Copy Collective’s Jim Butcher lifts the lid on lazy sharing that could cost you ‘Likes’…

Isn’t it annoying when your personal Facebook or Google+ newsfeed gets chock full of mindless junk?I’m not just talking about your cousin rejoicing in their latest Farmville conquest or your mate inviting you into the …

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How to ask the right questions to deal with dodgy copy briefs

The Copy Collective’s Mr Romance, Jim Butcher, delves into the world of dodgy briefs and hands out some helpful suggestions for navigating your way through.
There’s nothing worse than those cold sweats from fretting over a brief to which you just can’t respond. You’ve spent way too long pondering the job but you still can’t get into the swing of it. Behind the brief
This could be because the brief is inadequate. …

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Feathers in the Wind: 6 life lessons we can all learn from the rise and fall of Flappy Bird

A few months after an inconspicuous entry into the Android and Apple app stores, the simple 2D platform game Flappy Bird became an international success, storming its way onto smartphones across the globe at the rate of millions of downloads a day.
Abruptly, however, the game disappeared from the digital marketplace, with creator Dong Nguyen announcing that the game’s success had become too overwhelming.
I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will …

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