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Stilettos and Women’s Liberation: What have they got in common?

Feminists were flat against them. Flappers were out to shake them. While Dior made them a household name. This International Women’s Day we trace the twentieth-century woman’s stride to freedom and the shoes she wore along the way.
 Who knew the well-trodden path to women’s liberation would follow the rise and fall of the high heel?
Stepping out
Comfortable, practical, and …

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What you can learn from someone else's business disaster

A disaster for one suburban cafe is a learning opportunity for all small businesses, writes Maureen Shelley.
In leafy Lindfield, the day started well for Tablespoon cafe owner Scott. Breakfast business was brisk and the full complement of about 10 staff had turned up and were soon hard at work serving soft-boiled eggs with Turkish toast soldiers and pots of Earl Grey tea to anyone that asked.

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Disney, disability and Frozen

Frozen charts feminist territory and a glimmer of a more enlightened view of people with disabilities for Disney writes Maureen Shelley.
Despite the singing (I lost it when the snowman …

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How to be a freelance writer people want to use again and again

The Copy Collective’s Andrea O’Driscoll knows what it takes to be a good writer.

Being a good freelancer isn’t just about being a good writer. Sure, having some talent is a great place to start, but there are a lot of gifted writers out there who barely make ends meet. Why? Too often it’s because they don’t have the right attitude. People don’t want to work with a tortured artist, they want to work with someone who is reliable, honest and professional.
So what exactly …

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What's on your mind?

How I learned to love crappy Facebook statuses
If you’re a regular user of Facebook, you scroll past inane statuses every day. Maybe in the last hour. It might have even been the last one you posted.

If not, you probably know the type. They usually serve no purpose but to alleviate the momentary boredom of someone who has picked up their phone or sat down at their computer. They say nothing, accomplish nothing, and nothing ever really comes of them.

So why are they …

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Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web
Your digital audience is internet-savvy and time poor. So don’t waste their precious time (and yours) with long-winded explanations of why they should buy from you.

Make it short and sweet.
Make it visual.
Give them something, and then
Go home.

Here’s a present for you

If you like our infographic, then download the PDF

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What Will the Results of the Federal Election Bring You


In the world of politics, there is no second place.There’s either winning Government or a long period in limbo. For the rest of us it is pretty much the same: success or oblivion.With the finish line of the 47thAustralian federal election in sight, there’s an opportunity, which organisations such as yours may use to your advantage. It’s time to ask yourself if your organisation is ready to make the most of post-election opportunities for campaigning, …

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My favourite punctuation mark

Correct use of colons and semi-colons is good for showing-off. The comma does a fine job separating things. Brackets, dashes and the ellipsis all have a role to play. The exclamation mark adds drama.

Yet my favourite beast in the punctuation zoo is the humble full stop. Or, for Americans, the period. Some call it a dot.
It may be tiny. Sometimes it is hard to spot. On the printed page it uses next to no ink. On your smartphone screen it may be a single pixel.
The smallest punctuation mark …

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‘Nouns’ and ‘verbs’ may shape my words, but typography ‘x-heights’ me

When I first started in the media, it was as a layout editor at the largest Sunday sports section in Australia. 22-year-old me, of course, naïvely thought my few years of attending media communications, journalism and layout courses at university ensured I knew all that there was to know about how a newspaper page …

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Three things to get you through the tough times . . .

They visit us all – they can be personal, work-related, world events and everything in between – they are the tough times.

The Copy Collective is going through a tough time at the moment – all due to our success. Our business is going …

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Seven things you need to do when the media comes calling

As a journalist with News Limited for 12 years (prior to joining The Copy Collective) including being Business Editor of The Daily Telegraph, the Online Editor of Sydney Confidential and National Technology Writer for News Limited Maureen Shelley knows a thing or two about working with the media and is happy to share her knowledge.

OUR luminous leader 

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You helped us get there. Thanks! Turning 60 is a big deal in most people’s lives and hitting the magic 60 mark for The Copy Collective is something we are thankful for. It means that 60 people like what we do – or 1+ it! – and that …

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